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Urban Missouri

The largest metropolitan area in Missouri is the Greater St Louis area, home to around 2.3 million people. However, if you ignore the suburbs, then Kansas City has a larger population, about 481,000 compared to St Louis which has around 350,000. Missouri has a per capita income of $50,000, placing it at 36th rank in America. Missouri has no Alpha (population 8-12 million) cities. St Louis and Kansas City are considered to be under the Beta classification of cities.

Kansas City, Missouri was officially incorporated as a town on June 1, 1850, and as a city on March 28, 1853. The territory straddling the border between Missouri and Kansas at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers was considered a good place to build settlements. On the other hand, St. Louis developed as a major port on the Mississippi River. In the 1870 Census, St. Louis was ranked as the 4th-largest city in the United States. It separated from St. Louis County in 1877, becoming an independent city and limiting its own political boundaries.

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Missouri - Interesting Facts
Relative Comparison - Missouri vs USA

Parameter (in Missouri) Name National Rank (USA)
Longest Bridge Eads Bridge, St Louis 31st
OldestBridge Windsor Bridge, Kimmswick 24th
Tallest Office Building One Kansas City Tower 176th
Tallest Monument Gateway Arch,St Louis 1st
Busiest Airport St Louis Lambert International 32nd
Biggest Dam Truman Dam 32nd
Biggest Water park Six Flags, St Louis 12th
Largest University (enrollment) University of Missouri - Columbia 27th
Largest Mall Battlefield Mall, Springfield 38th
Most valuable company (Market Cap) Express Script Holdings 22nd
Largest Urban Agglomeration Greater St Louis 20th
Largest Lake Truman Lake 59th
Largest Stadium Arrowheads Stadium, Kansas City 25th

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