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Republic of India

India Flag
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Social Indicators Quantity Rank
Population below poverty line 29.8% 92nd
Life Expectancy 68.3 years 128th
Maternal Mortality 128 per 100,000 births 131st
Infant Mortality 38 per 1000 births 134th
Literacy Rate 72.1% 124th
GDP per capita $1601 141st
Happiness Index Score 4.404 118th
Satisfaction Index Score 180 125th
Sucides per 100,000 21.1 159th
Economic Freedom Index Score 54.6 128th
Human Development Index 0.609 130th
Ease of Doing Buisness 55.27/100 130th
GDP per capita(PPP) 7724 125th
GDP Nominal $2.5 Trillion 5th
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Indian Languages
Language Number(millions) Percentage
Hindi 300 34%
Bengali 83 9.4%
Telugu 74 8.4%
Marathi 72 8.2%
Tamil 61 6.9%
Urdu 52 5.9%
Marathi 72 8.2%
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